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Get to Know Mark Curmi: The CEO Transforming Financial Services with Trumia

May 22, 2024
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Mark Curmi is a key figure behind Trumia's efforts to set new standards in the financial services sector through digitalization, focusing on customer experience and operational efficiency. Currently the CEO of Trumia, he brings over twenty years of experience in Banking, Payment Services, and FinTech/PayTech, spanning local and international markets. Mark has significant experience in providing strategic guidance as a Board Advisor to various businesses, focusing on growth performance, governance, risk, regulation, and innovation. Previously, he was a Director at KPMG Malta, where he headed the Banking and Fintech Advisory services teams and participated in the KPMG Global DLT Working Group. Mark's career also includes roles in Commercial and Corporate Banking at HSBC in Malta, Spain, and the UK, enriching his leadership at Trumia.

Trumia, a fully licensed and regulated Electronic Money Institution operating from Malta, caters to the financial needs of both businesses and individuals. Specializing in sectors that often face barriers to streamlining payments, Trumia provides comprehensive digital financial solutions, including multi-currency accounts and supporting global payment flows across various industries. Trumia is dedicated to identifying clients' financial needs and delivering secure, tailored technology solutions, all while maintaining a focus on customer service excellence.

Mark reflects positively on the progress made and is eager to lead Trumia into an exciting future, expecting significant growth as the Institution increases its presence at industry events this year. "I am very proud to have built a team from the ground-up, that will drive Trumia to success. Importantly, I am excited by the prospects that lie ahead and the passion we hold as an Institution collectively to reach the bold ambitions we have set out to achieve. Our vision is clear, and we are committed to setting new standards in the financial services industry," says Mark.

Under Mark's leadership, Trumia aims to revolutionize the financial services industry with its innovative approach and client-centric solutions. By offering multi-currency accounts, businesses can seamlessly manage international transactions, reducing the complexities of cross-border payments. This capability is particularly beneficial for industries such as e-commerce, travel, and online gaming, where efficient and secure payment processes are crucial.

Mark Curmi's leadership and vision are central to Trumia's mission of setting new standards in the financial services industry. With a strong team and a commitment to innovation, Trumia is well-positioned for significant growth and success in the years ahead. Don't miss the opportunity to engage with Trumia at their upcoming industry events and discover how they can transform your financial operations.

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Get to Know Mark Curmi: The CEO Transforming Financial Services with Trumia

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